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Jupiter was a bust last night with a sky of soup so today while still set up I thought I try a different solar setup to get ready for the Mercury transit on the 9th. I'm quite pleased with using a Baader photographic film filter and a solar continuum filter in between that and my ZWO using my SV80ED refractor. Lots of nice detail came through with this setup than I usually get. 

I did a 4 panel mosaic but was dumb enough to take a phone call in mid session and took too long in between video takes. 2 didn't come out but the best 2 did with the sunspots. I did 5000 frames a take and assembled the best 1000 of those so 2000 frames here using PIPP and then into AS!2 to stack and make a Tiff. Then into PS to slightly tweek. Let me know what you think of the results. 




Heart of the Sun (1 of 1).jpg

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