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Stackistry - a lucky imaging/image stacking tool

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I present an early version of my lucky imaging/image stacking tool. Usage description in the README file. Source code and a 64-bit Windows binary can be downloaded from:


(to launch, use stackistry.bat).

In case of questions and problems, post here or send me an e-mail (address in the README). If Stackistry produces a poor-quality stack, it would be very helpful for me to be able to download the problematic raw video.



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New version: 0.1.1
Download: https://github.com/GreatAttractor/stackistry/releases

New features:

  • Support for Y8/Y800 AVI files


  • User-configurable brightness threshold for automatic placement of reference points

Until now the local brightness threshold to place the reference points was hard-coded to 33% (relative to the brightest pixels in the image). It was fine for planets and the Sun, but not necessarily for the Moon. Example of various threshold settings (from the left: 10%, 33%, 70%):




(Of course you can always just use manual placement, if automatic doesn't do the job).

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Have fun!

Keep it mind that at the moment automatic processing is best tuned for Hα surface imagery (i.e. what I do most often) and high-resolution solar white light. For prominences with an overexposed (white) disk and planets, manual placement of ref. points is recommended.

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