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First crack at white light with Baader film


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Hi all,  Having recently received some Baader film courtesy of FLO (in prep for the upcoming event of course!) I made up two full aperture filters, one for the mak127 and one for my AR90s achro.

I plan on using the little franc for full disk images with a DSLR and the Mak with a DFK21 colour for close ups of surface features, my first attempts are below.

Just one question... I've read that the Baader film comes with a protective clear covering thats difficult to see and needs to be peeled off, does it still come with this covering?  The film I received didn't appear to have it... I spent ages looking for it/trying to peel it off but it just didn't seem to be there!

Thanks for looking.


Sun final.jpg

Sun mak127 f12.jpg

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Nice images Craig.

I have never heard of any clear covering on the film but you never know...... give one of the guys at FLO a call just to make sure :happy6:

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Good images.  Do you have a bit of scrap Baader film from the pieces you cut?  If so put a bit of sellotape on each side and use that to try and pull the clear film off (if it is there).  It can be very difficult to see or feel it otherwise - especially as you have to handle the film so carefully.

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Thanks for the comments and advice everyone! I've been playing with an off cut of the film and I can't for the life of me see or feel a clear film, so I'm going to just assume it's not there! 

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With the Baader film I had recently Craig, the clear film was very obvious and separated very easily.

Looking at your close up image, seems pretty sharp to me so I doubt you have left anything there that shouldn't be.

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Very nice first images. I recently received some Baader film and it certainly had the clear film, but it was obvious when cutting it. I am sure you would not have missed it if it had been present.

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