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Guider calibration in Maxim DL 6


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Having some problems getting guider calibration in Maxim. Always getting a message "< moved less than 5 pixels" and each calibration step showing only 1 or 2 pixel movement sometimes only in one axis.

Any thoughts anyone?

Guider camera is an SX Lodestar, mount iOptron iEQ45 Pro. Camera image is updating every 2 secs (that's my usual guider period) and the graph is quite flat although not along the axis'.

PA is good goto's are usually on the CCD but just can't figure out why guiding isn't playing ball!

Cheers - Francis

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Hi Francis

You need to adjust the calibration settings in the Guider settings panel. I don't have Maxim on this laptop so I can't do a screen shot for you, but if you look at this image - http://www.sergepetiot.com/wp-content/gallery/various/calibs.jpg you can see the 'Settings' button. Click this and then you'll see the two values for the amount of time each axis will move for the calibration.

You'll need to play but you'll need 15-20 pixel movement to get good calibration, if I remember....

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Hi Francis.

One thing to try first in Maxim if you haven't already:

Under the 'Guide' tab, press the 'Move' button to go into the Move dialogue.  This gives you the ability to nudge the mount manually via the guider interface and cables, but independently of the autoguide functions.  In other words, it allows you to check that, when signals are sent .... they are physically getting through (or not).  It will help to eliminate the possibility of problems with cables and connectors, for example.


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