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M101 LRGB-HA first colour test- Collaboration


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I've posted this in a new thread so you can easily see the colour results of the HA-LRGB M101 collaboration coming into effect.

Some of you know that I'm currently shooting the L data now I've finished the HA which stands at 12 hours. The L is now at 15 hours so needs another 5 hours to finish that phase.

I had a hunt around on my hard drive & found some very poor quality colour data for M101 at the right image scale. I had very little red and a bit more blue & green. The outer edges were so bad I could just about align & grab a small section of the galaxy with the 3 channels aligned. I put the L on top & blended the HA into the red. This has given me the first potential look at the image capability & think its going pretty well. I need the forums views as to the strength of the HA- is it too much or little but remember I don't have a full data set yet so I may need to wait until you can view in alls it's glory.

I've posted the small colour sample below. As always let me know what you think. The processing is very rough & ready to give an idea. Your probably looking at 32 hours of total data but I only have a very tiny section of colour to play with at the moment.

Clear skies to you all.




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17 minutes ago, Tzitzis said:


Thanks- but it will be really magic when I've grabbed the other 35 hours of data- this is a long project which I've decided to do properly- I've learnt so much in the last year it's been a whirlwind of knowledge gain- I blame Olly!

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This bodes extremely well for the full project. Lots of lovely clear sharp detail in there. The Ha is zinging. I look forward to seeing the final version. This goes to prove yet again that data and more data really does win the day!

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Thanks for the kind comments & encouragement. It's a long project.

I'm going to remove the stars from the subs so I make a separate RGB layer for the stars. This will allow me to experiment with convolution to get the stars as round and as nice as possible.

If the weather hold I will finish the L this week then move onto the RGB. The L is quite nice so that gives a bit of flexibility for the RGB as that does not need to be as fine so I will capture at 2x2 bin. The problem is that I'm running out of time as the astro dark is down to five hours per night so I'm hoping the weather holds to get the project finished this season. I have never known the weather as bad.

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I captured 45 frames of RGB & have started to work on the collaborated data. 

The image has had the stars removed & a small amount of the HA data added. I need to look at the HA layer as its killing the main galaxy but I'm sure I can work on that. I will be shooting the starfield on the next clear night to get these added. Let me know what you think so far. The colour will get better as I shoot more  RGB frames as its still a bit blue at present but I'm happy so far.




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