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Welcome back Cygnus!! (Star71)

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Hurrah! A new narrowband season is upon us, and what better way to start than a new mosaic in Cygnus, and use if for my 5000th post :)

This is just the first pane, and not quite complete in terms of noise reduction data but its the first of a 3x3 which should capture the heart of the Cygnus area, all the way down to the Crescent. In the same session I bagged the Coma supercluster, but I've still yet to do any calibration frames for that - and I might be adding more to that one tonight, just to clean it up a bit more (assuming the forecast is correct.... ha! yeah).

I would have liked to use more of the subs I gathered, but a couple ended up in the bin due to getting buzzed by clouds. But still early days as Cygnus will be around for ages, so bags of time to add more.


8x900 (Ha)

Star71, NEQ6, Atik 383L+

Thanks for looking! :)



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58 minutes ago, Mr Spock said:

If you are going to cover the entire region at this sort of quality the end result will be doubly awesome.

I'd like to push it even more mate, but with Summer fast approaching and the darkness evaporating I'll stick with something like 10x900 per pane ... maybe 12 if the weather is kind.

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2 hours ago, swag72 said:

Nice one Rob - Great to see the summer stuff back again :)

And about time too! There is only so much galaxy stuff I can take :) and I wont be fighting off gradients for a change.

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