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Guide Advice Please


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I have  an EQ6 and I load it with a SkyWatcher 250 and for Guiding an ST80

I use PHD1.14.0 with an QHY5

My scope is balanced and level

See below for the Guide Graph and Brain Settings

Not the smoothest of graphs ? - on the plus side this graph is pretty consistent (well assueme that good)

So tips on improving it appreciated


John B



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For starters upgrade to the latest PHD. It is now at version 2.6.1

The screen shot isn't very useful as it does not show the scale on either axis. The guide log is much more useful but in PHD1 it is not saved by default. In PHD2.6 logging is turned on by default. You should also turn on Display > Star profile and a screen shot of that is useful.

Of course the important question is how are the pictures turning out? 

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Looks OK to me :icon_biggrin:

One third of a pixel RMS error for a qhy5 on an st80 (480 mm FL?) With a ten inch newt on an eq6 sounds about right. I guesstimate ( from the cafe) that this is a about two-thirds of a second of arc error. I'd be surprised if you can get it much better than that! 


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Thanks for the responses - so I upgraded the software - which did not acknowledge my QHY5 but I do have a QHY5 II and is saw that

However the current PHD Software keeps crashing so I have reverted to the old PHD and QHY 5  - and I will stick with that combination for a while longer




John B

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