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With a reasonable forecast, the moon out the way, and my wife out the way (don't worry she's not under the patio, just out with friends!) I've set a few targets though may struggle as not exactly a dark site. 

I always start with Jupiter and while in the area of Leo, going to try and find the Leo Triplet. Might have a look to split a few double stars in the area then move to Ursa Major and hunt out Pinwheel, Whirlpool, and Sunflower galaxies. 

Thats the plan anyway! 

Will let you know my level of success. 

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Is there nothing in the South or West that you would want to look at?

Reason I ask is that the Ursa Major objects are visible all year round, they being circumpolar in nature/location. Anything else could be getting to the no longer visible stage for the next 4 months or so. In which case grab them now.

What I tend to do is select objects that are visible now usually East and South but not the Northern ones as they are good for any time of year.

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No point thinking of a list here, it's wall to wall gloom. Count wise it is the worst evening run I have had out here though it has cleared in the wee small hours a good few times which would redress the balance a bit.


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