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Sun in WL snatched this morning, 29 april 16

The Admiral

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Early this morning the sky to the north was a lovely blue, but to the south, patches of cirrus and stratus in the distance :hmh:. However, the high cloud to the south cleared sufficiently and I hurriedly set up the 'scope. Just in time, as by the time I was ready to align some scattered cumulus started popping up, and I had to wait for a cloud to shift before I could complete it. It didn't take too long as the clouds were scudding by a quite a rate, and I must admit I hadn't appreciated how breezy it was a ground level, which rattled the 'scope a bit. Anyway, I was using 1/1000th sec exposures to minimise any affect of shake, and it seemed to work. I'm quite pleased with the detail I got. I took lots of sets, but ended up with putting 67 into AS!2, stacking the best 11 frames in AS!2 and finishing off in Picture Window Pro. RAWs converted to TIFFs in Capture 1 for AS!2 to digest. Taken with Altair Wave 102mm f7 SuperED APO, Baader Solar filter, Explore Scientific x2 2" focal extender, Fuji X-T1, Nexstar 6/8SE alt-az mount.

Hope you like.


AS Input_g2_ap339 PWP usm3,0.jpg

Some crops of the features.

AS Input_g2_ap339 PWP usm3,0 crp1.jpg

AS Input_g2_ap339 PWP usm3,0 crp2.jpg

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