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Walking on the Moon

M101 in bright moon light


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Thought I'd post my latest image which is my first go at M101 which I took the subs for last week and got round to processing over the weekend. The moon was fairly bright (about 65% full) but managed to get 64x4 minute exposures which was about the limit for exposure time with a LP filter before the subs were too washed out. The histogram on the canon raw images was about 40%.

M101 - Pinwheel Galaxy (reduced size).png

Stacked and processed in PI with library superbias, 12 dark frames and 40 lights. Quite pleased that I managed to get some good detail out with all the moonlight. The calibrated and stacked subs looked very blue but the Dynamic Background Extractor did a great job of taking that out. Processed with colour calibration, histogram transformation, a couple of denoise functions and curve transformations. Also applied a little bit of SCNR to take out some background colour cast remnants with a mask to protect the star and galaxy colours and then finally a little Multiscale Transform tweak to sharpen the detail in the galaxy core area. Still need to do a bit more background noise removal as it's a bit grainy (probably due to the fact that I had to stretch the image quite a bit to get the detail out of heavily moonlight polluted frames) but I'm quite pleased with this as a first attempt. Probably have another go next new moon if we get clear nights :-).

Clear Skies (and no hail / snow)


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wasn't 100% happy with the noise on this so have reprocessed with another TGV Denoise (galaxy and stars masked) and then resharpened with Multiscale Median and Linear Transformations...

M101 - Pinwheel Galaxy - reduced noise.png

Background now much smoother and I think I managed to preserve the galaxy detail.

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