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Strange artefacts on Jupiter processing - Help Please

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Hi Everyone,

I'm new to planetary imaging and i'm getting some strange results appearing on my images of Jupiter when im at the last stages of processing the wavelets in registax. Could you folks take a look at these screenshots to show you what i mean and give me some pointers on how to remedy these things? Please note these were just test images in bad/average seeing to demonstrate the issue.

Details on setup = Edge 8" HD with 2 x Barlow, Skyris OSC 618 Captured using firecapture - stacked in AutoStakkert2! - (tried running with and without firecapture debayer software and still get same processing artefacts) - Final tweaking in wavelets Registax (where the trouble begins)


Jupiter Registax issue.png

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Fantastic thanks guys! I think ive figured out which force debayer works best in Autostakkert now to get some realistic colour and resolution. Luc using larger AP's in autostakkert seems to have helped a lot with the strange patterns appearing, they still appear eventually in wavelets but only if im pushing it. Clear skies forecast for later so will share my first results for criticism.




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You can use the denoise in layer 1 to increase the treatment. When I begin the valors are denoise 0,4 sharpen 0.2 and full cursor. For layer 2 the valors are denoise 0,0 sharpen 2 and full cursor. After I increase or decrease following results.

Clear sky.


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