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Review: Celestron SkyPortal WiFi Module - Very Easy, Very Good

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Got the Skyportal app on the tablet.  (It's powered by the popular SkySafari, and free of charge.)

Next, plugged the little module into the Aux port on the 'scope.  (Switch pushed into Direct Connect Mode.)

Selected Celestron from tablet's WiFi settings, tapped Connect & Align and I was away!  Controlling the 'scope via the tablet is very convenient.

Only had to level the 'scope - date, time, and lat/long come from the tablet's GPS.  Handy if you're at different locations.

Aligned with three bright objects - for each, get in finder > enter > get in EP > align - dead easy.

Then GoTo.  Tapped on a target on the sky map, then Goto, and watched the crosshairs move across the screen, land on target, and saw it centred in the EP.

For objects not on display, tapped Search, selected, then Goto as before.  

For each target you can get info onscreen, even audio medium if required.

Tried it successfully on a few further stars.  Other objects to follow when the skies finally clear!

For me this takes controlling, locating, and observing to another level of convenience and confidence.  A great accessory!


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