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Walking on the Moon

Dumb mount turned smart I hope with your help

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has anyone ever had any luck controlling the Orion StarBlast Autotracker mount with a direct PC connection and software, rather than having to spend $420 on a Orion Synscan hand controller for it??

The mount and scope only cost $299 and my wife bought it for me for my Birthday.

I See the Virtuoso mount buy sky-watcher can be controlled directly but is seems the Orion StarBlast is a bit of a weirdo!!!

I mean it looks like a duck it sounds like a duck but it don't fly like a duck if you get my meaning ( Duded Duck ).

Anyway any help would be appreciated, I like the size and optics. But it can't track to save it life especially solar system bodies which is what it  is only capable of!! thus the Weirdo title. 

I wrote a review on the scope on the Orion site they opted not to publish it. I basically pointed out their where better investments in mounts and scopes that don't cost around $300 plus another $420 for a Orion Synscan V4 hand controller to give it GOTO capability.







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I can control mine by my Android tablet. It can also be controlled by stellarium.

Link here

My mount tracks fine, even managed to track M44 with my dslr to image it. But it needs good power and the clutches must not be tight. I have used AA batteries and were fine but you mustn't do the clutches up too much as tracking goes out the window if you do.

Also it must be on a level base and set up as per manual re for first use or use there after from the same location.

It's a great mount I'm really pleased with mine.

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