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AZ-EQ6 - Worm bearing replacement

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I've had a good nose about, but cannot seem to find a part number for the recommended SKF ceramic bearings for replacing the standard worm bearings.

Has anyone done this to theirs, where were they purchased, and was the difference noticeable after another tune up?

I'm going to be installing a pier hopefully over the next couple of months and once the mount's installed, I don't want to remove it again unless I have to, therefore giving is the best start I can by replacing the worm bearings and another internal clean / tune up.


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Yes I have read and contributed to that thread the first time I stripped it down to clean / re-lubricate etc.

I now have a few pennies spare that I didn't before so want to do the bearings before it gets 'piered' outside.

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It's not the standard ones I need, I'd like to replace the standard with ceramic bearings - lots of talk here and there about it, but no part numbers!

All I know is SKF bearings are mentioned and I don't want to strip my mount again just to get the standard part number, in order to look for the SKF equivalent.

I just hoped someone else who has done it, would have the record of what they bought.

That way I could purchase before stripping it, so I could put it back together the same day.

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Why ceramic bearings ??  I use them in the miniature gas turbine engines in my model aircraft because they will stand temperatures of circa 1000º C and are happy with the 180000 rpm - two conditions that shouldn't exist in a  telescope mount!!

I swapped the bearings in my HEQ5 for SKF/FAG standard steel bearings and the improvement over the original bearings was like night and day - so much smoother, quieter and accurate but I really cant see the benefit of ceramics - a possible downside is they have more free play in them than standard steel bearings at room temperature - something we really dont want in a  telescope mount.

Also if you get the adjustments too tight they will break - ceramic bearings are very fragile.





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An older thread, but I've started looking into this again and still can't find the info I need.

Does anyone have a list of part numbers / supplier for the SKF bearings required for the AZ-EQ6?

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Worm gear bearings are SKF608 2RSH or you can use SKF 608 2Z which has metal dust covers, If you are in the UK you can order these from Simply Bearings.

 Simply Bearings Ltd
Halton House
Greenfold Way
Greater Manchester

01942 269837

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