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Which astronomy magazine do you buy?

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I don't think there were any popular astronomy magazines in Britain at the time of my earliest recollections of becoming fascinated by what I could see in the sky. I think there was only Sky & Telescope then, which I could borrow from my town's astronomical society. I remember browsing with a sigh through all the glossy advertisements for telescopes, dreaming about owning one, and doomed to disappointment because they were all priced in dollars, and all I seemed to be able to find in the way of astronomy publications was the odd society bulletin, printed on one of those old Gestetner stencil duplicator things. No pictures, no glossy American scopes being presented by attractive women with shape-hugging A line skirts and big Hollywood smiles.  (I was just entering double figures then, the hormones were starting to kick in, so my attention may have been divided equally between the two.) The first magazine I remember of any quality was 'Hermes', the publication of what was then the Junior Astronomical Society. I read them till they fell apart. Sadly, my collection of them is long gone. 

Astronomy Now came out in, I think, 1987, initially quarterly, then monthly. I subscribed for a long time, and I thought it easily the equal of S&T, which by then I'd begun to find less appealing, and which didn't seem anything like the authoritative monthly that I remembered from the sixties. There seemed to be a few periodicals springing up, or becoming more easily available. I tried Sky at Night, and Astronomy, but preferred AN, to which I held on for many years. 

However, eventually there began to set in a sense of déjà vu, that topics were repeating, like a moving cartoon background, but without much change in depth. It's a phenomenon I noticed in other publications, like computer and photography magazines. In a way, it's understandable. A new audience is appearing with every generation, eager for information, and with everything still new to them. Magazines have to cater for this perpetually new readership, so the level rarely changes. Eventually, subscription gives way to buying only those editions that have things of particular interest. Eventually, I gave up even AN, and now, I'll only buy if a see a copy on the newsstand with content that demands attention. 

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I have never even considered subscribing to an astro magazine. I find SGL, Cloudynights and Solar Chat forums serve my needs and are presumably more current/topical.

I subscribe to the 3 that you mention although I'm not going to renew the one for S@N. I find it a bit superficial . Astronomy  Now is better in my opinion with more in depth articles but not too

I subscribe to S@N but intend to cancel, not what it used to be. Astronomy Now is good and when I can get a copy S&T.

I have saved as many of Nik Szymanek's explanations as to processing as I could. I am US at that side so need the info. Apart from those not really much else of interest for me, as Pathfoot says repetition, repetition.


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