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EOS Utility for 300d


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Anyone know where I can get this, or even if there is one please?. I know it's an old camera, but it's all I have right now. The canon site claims no available downloads for this model any more.




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I can't answer directly, but the only version of EOS Util I have installed is for my 700D and I simply plug the USB cable into my older 400 with no problems. DPP etc work just fine.


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Thanks Rich. I have tried installing the EOS util for 1000D hoping it would be backward compatible (read it on a web page) well needless to say its not. Wanted to connect via wifi, and of course my old 300D is not WiFi enabled. 


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I believe (though I may be completely wrong) that Canon have stopped releasing the drivers for some of the older camera models.  I keep my own copy of the downloads I made for my 450D specifically so I can continue to use it should Canon drop support for it at some point.  The solution may be to find an older release of the software that still includes the 300D drivers, assuming they were ever released for the OS you're wanting them for.  It's entirely possible you're out of luck if it's win7 or later :(


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22 minutes ago, Demonperformer said:

Not sure if


will help? (there aren't any drivers, but apparently there's a workaround)

I think that PTP  (Picture Transfer Protocol) only allows transfer of images and not remote control... I might be wrong mind ...

A bit more digging - the Camera manufacturers have extended the basic PTP Protocol...


More info here...


And some info from one post on DPREVIEW...

"Ok I reloaded EOS utility and I can download photo's if it is set to PRINT/PTP but can not change any of the user info like my name that I want to remove before I sell this camera.

When I click on Camera Setting/Remote shooting a message come up stating I need to change to PC connection to access this option. But the computer states it could not load the driver."





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My mistake.

This might be worth a try:  load the Util package that came with your camera, then add a WIA driver, then instal the version of EOS util for Vista, that is apparently the best you will be able to do.  [https://www.ephotozine.com/forums/topic/eos-300d-windows-7-won-t-talk-78081]

I would guess that the "util" would contain the remote control (certainly I use EOS utils 2.4 - which only specifies XP and Vista - on my Win7 laptop for remote control - but that's for the 1000D).

Not sure what a WIA driver is, though ...


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