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Starlight Xpress Spectrograph with Lodestar X2

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The Starlight Xpress Spectrograph with built-in Lodestar X2 is designed and manufactured here in the UK.

Features include a high performance flat-field concave grating, a built-in Lodestar X2 guide camera and an argon-neon calibration lamp in a surprisingly compact body (136 x 120 x 75mm and 1.2kg). 

Scheduled for release May 2016. 



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I'd be intrigued to know what software comes with this?

I am aware of ISIS and there is also (PY)IRAF but are SX intending to come out with their own software to not only to apply flat/dark/bias your image but also wavelength and flux calibrate the obtained spectra?



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Wonder where they get the grating from, a toroidal grating is not your average off-the-shelf item. Edmund Optics had a small range of concave blazed holographic gratings a little while back, but I've not seen them in the catalogue or online for a couple of years now.

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Not too much actual technical detail available on this new instrument as yet....it will be interesting to verify the actual performance with that "specialised" grating configuration.

I'd assume that the usual spectral processing packages like BASS Project, VSpec or ISIS would be able to do the job.

Only time and analysis will tell.


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Has anyone used one of these? FLO have them for sale, but there isn't much info on them, not even on the StarlightExpress website.


(Edit) Correction, found the handbook.

Edited by ejp1684

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