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Really daft question

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Now, im ither being abit silly or that's how it is.. but somehow I don't think it is o.O I recently bought a 2nd hand Astronomik clip filter which should fit my cannon eos 100d... Now upon following the website's instructions.. It doesn't seem to "Clip in" and stay in! it moves around, when camera is tipped up to an angle which it would be in the telescope it falls out ( onto my hand ). can someone please advise me on how to fit it the right way :( feel such an idiot! ha!



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2 minutes ago, Gareth88 said:

*blushes* haha! Really that simple? :p Seems to stick in now! :) Thank you!!

I did the same, still wasn't sure whether theyre meant to go in only one way, guess I know now :)

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