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Thought I'd post this here as it may help others with AP900 mounts and Polemaster

i made my own adapter to screw into the Polarscope peek hole in the Dec axis casting (my first proper piece of work since getting a lathe - a purchase driven from my astronomy habit and never seeming to have the right adapter despite having two boxes of various adapters!).

only used PoleMaster once so far, velcroed and tie strapped to my mount, but it worked great, and this adapter should improve the mounting somewhat!





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Hi & thank you.

No, I wasn't planning on making/selling these, just knocked one up for my own use, thought I'd post here to give others ideas on how I went about mounting the PM on my AP mount.

I machined out the base that screws into the mount thinking that I would still be able to use the Polar scope without removing the adapter, by just removing the PM. The reality is that I've not looked through the polar scope since getting PM, & I can't see I've ever going to need to now. With that knowledge, I would not have machined out the base, but I would have drilled & taped a 3/8 hole, so I could have unscrewed the adapter from the AP & screwed onto an Astrotrack or something similar.

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      This is Celestron cg3 mount suitable for any telescope tube with vixen dovetail.
      Load capacity is approximately up to 4 kg
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      Also have adapter for HEQ5/Sirius EG-G. 

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