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8 minutes ago, southerndiver357 said:


Do you know what has caused the line through the brightest stars?

The line is caused by the cable that connects the secondary mirror focusing system to the control box, similar to a diffraction vane in a Newtonian telescope. There is a split cable that breaks into 4 allowing a neat diffraction pattern which I need to order. 

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51 minutes ago, southerndiver357 said:

Ah! Yes, Fastar. I did wonder if something like that happened with the cables. Still a great image. :smiley:

No- it's not fastar but I get your line of thinking- it's this http://www.optecinc.com/astronomy/catalog/fastfocus/index.htm but I've just found an old Ethernet cable so I've made my own split wiring system. I'm trying to work out how some vendors can charge £70.00 plus carriage to remove the outer shell from a cat 5 cable?

Mine will work just as well. I can test it tonight!

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1 hour ago, Astroboy239 said:

You use faststar? 

I have faststar but I don't use it much now as I have the dedicated Celestron RASA astrograph. I'm selling it if anybody wants one for the 11" Edge HD system.

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Im getting  a c11 edge HD (second hand used for 9months) along with accessories from my uncle. He got a new scope so he didn't wanna see it so he will be giving it to me soon. 


OK he used to do some wireless stuff to avoid the wires I'm not exactly sure but I'll ask him and tell you. 



Clear skies good luck

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