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Connect gamepad to laptop ???

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In the quest for a better alignment routine I've downloaded EQMOD.

Reading thru the blurb it recommends using a gamepad for controlling. OK, over to fleaBay, but none of the gamepads seem to have a plug that I can insert into my laptop so I figure there must be some sort of adapter needed to plug it into one of my laptop's USB ports.

Can someone please tell me what I need.


PS: I'm seriously wondering if this old dude may have bitten off more than he can chew with his desire to do some astro imaging.

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I got a USB joystick off Amazon. Works really well with EQMOD.

I actually was quite surprised at how easy it was. EQMOD has built in support for joysticks. I (as usual) over thought the whole thing and tried using eqpad and eqmod at the same time. Doesn't quite work.

There are some excellent youtube tutorials on how to do it. All in all, really easy.

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