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April 17, 2016: The BIG mosaic in H-alpha

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Finally got rid of (most of) some uneven surface due to problems with flats. Each of the 42 panes consists of 100 frames stacked out of 1000, taken with the usual Solar Spectrum filter + APM80mm F/6 + Baader TZ-4, plus Beloptik tri-band ERF, plus ASI174MM. Stacked in AS!2, sharpened in ImPPG, stitched in AutoStitch, and postprocessing in Gimp.

Grey scale:


Pseudo colour:


Part inverted:


Part inverted + pseudo colour:


Do check out the full size version by clicking on them

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Thanks everyone!

4 hours ago, David Smith said:

Fantastic disks Michael. I have new found respect for your 42 pane disks after completing a mere 22 panes over the weekend :icon_salut:

42 is not really any harder than 22, I find, if your camera rattles along at 120-140 FPS. It takes 7-10s to complete each AVI or SER, It is just a matter of moving across the disk systematically. After capture AS!2 needs to do more work, but I myself only have to select the right files. Same holds for ImPPG and AutoStitch: both do batch processing, so you select 42 files rather than 22.

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1 minute ago, David Smith said:

Stop it, now I need a new camera :confused1: My little QHY manages just 30 FPS at best.

I know what you mean though, most of the processing is done in 2 or 3 steps as AS!2 and ImPPG batch process all the data.

Not just a new camera, a new hard disk (SSD) as well, to keep up with the 450MB/s the ASI174MM spews. :D

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14 minutes ago, David Smith said:

My wallet just fell out with you :tongue2:

I actually got good results with the little DMK21, running at 60 FPS, but with only a tiny 640x480 chip. Acquisition times were longer but you could still get good results, like this 36 paner with the LS35



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