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Walking on the Moon

Farewell to 2529


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I was determined to see AR2529 and the amazing sunspot complex before it disappears round the limb, despite the wind and much more cloud than clear. I managed to do so, just, and was well pleased. But what grabbed my attention was a small (everything's relative with the sun, of course) prom on the limb just beside the AR that looked like a little fish leaping from the surface. It was one of three proms in that area. I was at fairly high magnification using the Quark and struggling with conditions so only had a quick glance elsewhere but saw that there was at least one prom on the east limb.

Anyhow, I concentrated on the AR region, fired by reports that a big flare occurred in the early hours of today. Wasn't lucky enough to see anything like that and conditions were 'challenging' so packed up. But that 'little fish' is something I'll remember along with memories of following 2529 to the edge.

Not sure if there might be one more day left of its journey off the disc?

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Glad you got a squint at it up there in the grey north Gordon.

Forecast clear down here tomorrow so hope it's still around, should look good right on the edge.

Got a few pic's of it this morning before it clouded over, must look for the fish.

Missed the big flare think it was before sunrise here.


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