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The Moon at F50


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I stacked a 2x and a 2.5x Powermate for 5x (F50).  I tried stacking a 2.5x and a4x, but the images, while observable on the screen, would not process.  Maybe from space (or LaPalma).  The last pic is at F40.

   Sinus Iridum-F50-10.jpgMoretus-F50-IR-25.jpgClavius F50-IR-25.jpgPlato F50 G-25.jpgPlato-R-F40-10.jpg                                                          

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1 hour ago, graemlourens said:

I am blown away, amazing. The Detail is stunning!

How many subs are you stacking?


Thanks for your kind words.  For these shots I acquired 10,000 frames at about 70 fps (about 2.5 minutes).  I stacked in Autostakerd2--2 stacks for each pic, the best 10% and the best 25%.  I then processed the images in Registack and chose the stack I liked better.  There usually wan't a big difference between the 10% and 25%.  Sometimes one was better and sometimes the other was.  More frames helps keep the noise down (noise from a high gain).  So if the data is pretty good, the more frames the better.  Its a learning process, and I am just beginning to get teh hang of it.  I am glad you enjoyed the pics.

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Thx for your answer, stunning, just stunning.
You've re-waken my interest in shooting the moon. I'm totally on widefield deepsky currently, and all my cams are hardwired in the obsy. I think i'll have to get some small highfps camera to use that celestron SCT that is lying around all the time!

Kind regards, Graem

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On 4/25/2016 at 05:46, Fay said:

Fantastic Rodd.  Did you use the ZWO for the capture?





Yes the ZWO ASI 174MM.  I wish the pixels were a bit smaller  4.4 instead of 5.86.  Oh well.  I like the camera.

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