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Ha with a dslr


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1 hour ago, Dr_Ju_ju said:

You would need to have the camera modified to remove the standard filters. I had both of mine dome by Juan http://cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk/

Hi. I have had the camera modded, so does that mean I can use a ha filter?  Or is it not really ideal ? I'm just trying to fill the time between full moons and clouds.lol.


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You certainly can!  And it works well, even in town.  You'll need to extend your exposure times when using it, my first attempt a few months ago was of the Rosette Nebula and I used 10 min exposures, which brought out plenty of detail.  You get nice contrasty images.  I'm still working on how to merge in the RGB data, but making some progress I think.

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Yes you can use a Ha filter with a dslr. You will only be using 25% of the pixels but thats a whole lot more than nothing :).

This was done with a baader Ha 7nm filter on a 1100d full spectrum mod


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12 minutes ago, rubecula said:

Do you have to have both filters removed or just the colour-correcting filter?  My 550D has only had the one filter removed.

Not sure on that one,  bought a modded canon 600d from Juan a year back, i have taken the plunge and sent for a  H Alpha CCD Filter 12nm
Filter Options...: EOS Clip . Just hope it works.

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2 hours ago, PBS said:

AFAIK , They should be ok since no light is supposed to enter the camera for either then the presence of the filter shouldn't make any difference..




thanks, thought the same but in this game you never know.lol.


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