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Binomate binoviewer instructions


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Hi, I have just bought a pair of these as new but without instructions and I cannot track them down via Astro Engineering.

I have used them for the first time and was very impressed but did not feel that the L R images were perfectly superimposed. I believe there is a straightforward way to adjust for this? This is the first time I've used a binoviewer so I'm not sure whether the technique is common to all, or specific to model.

Please advise if you know how to do this, and/or have a copy of the instructions.  Many thanks

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If you rotate the eyepiece holders you can bring the images together. It might take a little experimenting but once you have a single image, note the position of the locking screws, so the position can be easily maintained. Once focused you may find one eye is still slightly out of focus, so adjust the focus by retracting the eyepiece slightly then lock it in position. 


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I realise that this is an old post and I'm not sure if you are still looking for the Binomate instructions but here they are in case anyone else is looking for them (albeit they are a bit crumpled).



Binomate Instructions.png

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