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BT website Jupiter Scoop ?????!!!??


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On the Ball as usual, BT are announcing that JUPITER will be visible in the sky tonight and probably Tommorrow !!!!!!!

They say it will be nearer than ever, and that it will be as bright as a star........

They also note that if people look up they may catch a glimpse of the Great Red spot......

This is the sort of web-based tomfoolery that has meant we have ended up with a Polar Research Ship called "Boaty Mc Boat-face".

yours aye,  Despondent of Vectis.


I wonder what the BBC are saying.....

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I wonder what age group this so called "journalist" was writing to.

I always find it incredible that the news is always written in such a childish style.

Anyway better get looking tonight because it seems that by Tuesday, Jupiter will have  strangely disappeared from the night skies ! :) 

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