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Scope on wrong side of mount.


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Hi everyone. I've got a goto mount and I'm currently doing drift align to get the NCP. 

My question is, when I select to go to a star on the southern horizon, my scope ends up on the eastern side of the mount where as I want it to go on the western side. 

How can I do this?


Thanks all. 

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With an equatorial mount and goto:

The mount should always keep the telescope higher than the balance weight. If not, it does a meridian flip (move the telescope to the other side of pier). If you are pointing slightly to the east of the meridian and looking south the telescope should be on west side of pier. If you are pointing slightly west of the meridian the telescope should do a meridian flip and then be on the east side of pier when looking south. If you want the telescope to always stay on the same side of pier there is maybe some setting to let you override meridian flip? Beware that you can hit the pier with your equipment if telescope is on the wrong side of pier. Or just change to a ref. star on the right side of the meridian.


I have a EQ6 mount controlled by PC and EQMOD, it can do it. What equipment do you have?


I have written a tutorial about drift align with computer assist, maybe interesting?




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