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lenspen and dust blower - is it safe?

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I wouldn't suggest using a LenPen on a corrector-lens. But a brush that's super-fine like the LensPen is perfectly alright - after giving the area a blow with a blower like you pictured above. I do use the LensPen on eyepieces - after making certain it doesn't have any debris embedded in it. Others think not. But always do anything on coated optics very gently. A major mess, like a greasy fingerprint, requires actual cleaning protocol be used.

Be careful -


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I always use a lenspen on everything even sensors the real advantage I found was that a grease mark could be removed with one gentle stroke  previous attempts using fluids just spread the mark all over which then required many minutes of rubbing to clear it.


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Blower first, followed by soft brush, followed by blower works fine for most debris on lenses, eyepieces or sensor.

For greasy marks like fingerprints then Lenspen I find works best on eyepieces or lenses but would not use on sensor.  

Sensor cleaning requires dedicated cleaning kit.  

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By now you may have gathered the lens pen is ok on most optics except your mirrors. Have a look at the Baader Wonder Fluid kit, used by a good many forum members for general cleaning of most optical surfaces, see FLO top of the page for details :) 

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