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I haven't got a bad thing to say against them, Just great all round EP's that are a joy to use.. Drop it in the C8 and point it at M13 at some point.. (I know it has stiff completion in your EP case)

20 hours ago, Chris Lock said:

Yep really nice, and great value now days.

They never seem to get snapped up though second hand.. always takes a while for them to go..!? I feel like they are just so under appreciated because of the 50deg spec..

19 hours ago, Paul73 said:

Never tried one on solar, but the night time views are very pleasing.



Try it Paul, the 72mm Ed and Lunt wedge with the 9mm or 12mm give lovely views..



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21 hours ago, Paul73 said:

Never tried one on solar,


Please try it, you might be surprised:smiley:

Hint: someone having both 14mm and 17mm EPs bought a 15mm for solar.....

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I wasn't suggesting that they would underperform on solar viewing. I have the 5 & 6 mm SLV which would be asking a bit much of the poor old Lunt Wedge in terms of magnification in my 600mm fl ED80. The 12 or 15mm would be lovely.

Has anyone tried them for Bino Viewing? I should imagine that the view would be splendid.


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The only Vixen EP I have is a 30mm NPL that I use in my grab'n'go kit. I was quite impressed by the quality of the lenses and it gives sharp, bright views almost right up to the edge of field. It is also very light but well made. The eye lens is a generous size and larger than a standard GSO 32mm Plossl and I'm pretty convinced the NPL has a full 50° FOV. I could even see Saturn's rings (just about) at 33.3x with it the other morning.

Vixen 30mm NPL.jpg

The broad shallow safety undercut is no problem and I've even warmed to the plastic twist-up eyeguard.

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