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-       Hi folks - I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to astro gear but it's time for a spring clean. Since upgrading my set up I simply don't use these EP's any more. They are all in tip top condition and have been well looked after. I will have a few posts going up so keep an eye out for a wee bargain. If you fancy anything drop me a message and we can sort it out. Payment via Paypal is preferred or if you are near Edinburgh save yourself the P&P and collect in person. Thanks for looking

          1.25” Hyperion 13mm 68 degree afov modular eyepiece £70 + p&p

-        2” Sterling Plossl 30mm/55 degree afov £35 + p&p

-        1.25” Vixen Lanthanum 9mm/50 degree afov £50 + p&p

-        1.25” TS Planetary HR 20mm/60 degree afov £35 + p&p



TS Planetary 20mm (2).jpg

TS Planetary 20mm.jpg

Baader Hyperion 13mm Modular (2).jpg

Baader Hyperion 13mm Modular (3).jpg

Baader Hyperion 13mm modular.jpg

LV Vixen 9mm (2).jpg

LV Vixen 9mm.jpg

Sterling Plossl 30mm (2).jpg

Sterling Plossl 30mm.jpg

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Price drop

- Hyperion now only £60

- Vixen only £35

- TS only £30

Get in touch for a bargain



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    • By KP82
      Anyone here familiar with this Vixen binoculars, Vixen Binoculars Ascot ZR 8 x 42WP
      I can't seem to find any reviews on the net. It costs around £140, about the same as many other low-mid range porro models from top tier brands such as Nikon Action EX.
      While Vixen refractors (Made in Japan models e.g. ED81S) are known for quality, their binos seem to be very inconsistent according to many reviews (other models). I'd be glad to hear some personal experiences with Vixen binos even if it isn't the model I listed.
      Many thanks.
    • By fwm891
      SOLD - Morpheus 6.5 - 76° eyepiece. 1¼" and 2" barrel
      Purchased about a month ago, a really great eyepiece - so still in mint condition.  Includes the accessories in the photos.
      Asking £130.00 posted RM signed for (UK mainland). PP gift or add PP fees   + Full courier cost (delivery & insurance) elsewhere
      Reason for sale: Prefer longer focal lengths giving wider fov's

    • By Katie1990
      I have a skywatcher 200p dob and was hoping someone would be able to recommend an eyepiece with a wide field of view that would help finding objects and observing larger objects like the Pleiades. I have had a look at an explore scientific 30mm with 82° FOV, but was unsure if it would be good with my scope.
    • By astrosathya
      Hello Everyone,
      I have 7x 36mm Baader filters in my QHY Filter wheel. I use a simple Orion 80ED with a manual focuser. I have two questions basically.
      a) How important is refocusing between the LRGB Ha OIII and SII filters? 
      b) If important, then how do I manually calculate the offset distance between them assuming the filters aren't parfocal?
    • By Owmuchonomy
      Rather than add this test to my original thread regarding the scope findings I started a new thread here to describe my findings and measurements using a Baader M56 Click-Lock.  Unlike other SW ED Pro offerings, the focuser unit that is supplied with the new SW ED 150 has no provision for rotation during use.  In addition, I noticed that despite there being a total of 142mm of travel in the draw tube, the majority of my EPs focus at the near end of travel and I was concerned there may be a lack of in-focus provision.
      I contacted @FLO and asked them for technical details of the Baader M56 Click-Lock particularly the loss of in-focus during use. (I have previously owned a similar device for use with a 9.25" SCT which adds ease of use, a rotation facility and superb security to all attachments).  FLO very kindly reciprocated and provided one for testing.  Here I present some results of that test.

      Essentially, use of the Click-Lock with EPs (+/- a TV Powermate) results in a loss of 12.5mm of in-focus.  For the EPs tested here that was not an issue.  The stock SW focuser comes with a 2"adapter with two grip screws and a locking ring.  Please note that removal of the locking ring when using the Click-Lock does not assist with reducing loss of in-focus since the Click-Lock internal flange sets before reaching the locking ring.
      You can see that my ES 14mm EP inserted into the 2X Powermate was the only combination that did not reach focus (it almost did but not quite). The 2X is a 2" Powermate and I had to use the 1.25" insert which adds about 8mm of depth. the Powermate also does not seat fully in my WO diagonal.
      I also tested two planetary cameras (+/- 2" TV Powermate) which focused well within the full range of the draw tube extension maximum which is 142mm.  Use of the Click-Lock provides a very secure and flexible adaptation to the standard SW focuser adapter and most importantly allows easy rotation of diagonal and camera.  For me, this is a must have accessory for this scope. Its easy to use with gloves too!
      Standard SW set up:

      Click-Lock set up:

      Addition of a 2.5X Powermate:

      Planetary camera and 2x Powermate set up:

      In addition I used the locking screw whilst observing the live star image of Alpheratz on screen through the Bhatinov mask.  There was absolutely no change in the focus position as I tightened/loosened the locking screw. This last set up I also tested at near vertical (Deneb) and there was no slip at all in the focuser control. Action was firm and smooth throughout the length of the draw tube.
      For the original scope test go here: 

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