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Funny things that children say


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I was checking out the moon earlier and brought out my youngest (who is 6) to have a look.

After a minute or two of looking and generally saying "oooooh!" a lot he said "Dad..... is the moon really made of cheese?". I could tell he was winding me up but I kept a straight face and said no it isn't.

I was about to put him down (the eyepiece was about 5' off the floor so he needed a lift!) when he said...

"WAIT! Let me see if there's any footsteps!" and he lunged back to the eyepiece to look. He wasn't winding me up this time - he was really excited that he might see some!

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Oh to be young and innocent. I once showed my daughter Jupiter and its 4 moons. She asked why it had four moons and we have only got one. I told her in fact Jupiter had more than 60 moons to which she replied " now that's just plain greedy " and departed the scene.

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My daughter was drawing a Messier object (can't remember which one) using Stellarium as a model. When I asked what was the white outline she was adding to the drawing she replied:

"that is the light from the flash when M. Messier took the picture"

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