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13-04-2016 AR2529 Heart & Sol

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Only processed the first folder & put this 4 pane mosaic together.

Although I am now getting to grips with the 152 BadBoy I decided I needed to test the Quark more, these are on Minus two clicks on the Quark dial.

Usual set up :-

152mm TecnoSky Refractor,  135mm D-ERF,  Quark Chromosphere + 2" 0.5 Reducer.

1500 frames taken best 20% stacked, seeing - pretty good.





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3 minutes ago, Paul73 said:

Outrageously good capture!

Did you get anything from yesterday when it was splitting in two?


I did have a crack Paul but I shouldn't have put the images up, I regretted it as soon as I hit the upload button as they were not good at all because of haze.

I didn't see it split though, now that would have been cool.


I did do a 80 capture anim today of that spot (80 x 500 frames per capture) but I have 3 other folders to process before I get to that one.

I will upload it here though when it's done but only if it's any good.

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3 minutes ago, Davey-T said:

Gorgeous images Ewan, managed one vid' today before I had to go out, not looked at it yet as I've only just got back.


C'mon man your letting the side down dude :icon_biggrin:, was a gorgeous day mate & I finally got some clear sky & no JS.

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14 minutes ago, Ewan said:

C'mon man your letting the side down dude :icon_biggrin:, was a gorgeous day mate & I finally got some clear sky & no JS.

Yep, pretty annoying had a medical emergency (not me personally) just as I'd got set up and started I had to stop :hmh:


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11 hours ago, bunnygod1 said:

Wonderful capture, such a high level of detail.

Seeing was very good Pete so I rattled off loads of captures with various exp & Quark Tuner settings hoping to at least get one good set.

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    • By Lowjiber
      I'm still battling fairly heavy smoke from the wildfires west of my Las Vegas location.  Otherwise, seeing was 4/5.
      Thanks for the peek.
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      I stumbled across this little ditty while waiting for the Quark to warm up
      Thanks for the peek.😀
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      I am looking for a Daystar Quark Chromosphere. I am looking for a perfectly working unit without any degradation in optics. A few recently took images from the eyepiece are welcomed. The price is as low as possible (of course). Cosmetic is not a concern. Give me a message here or email me at <private contact details removed> (remove the {xxx}) to see the email address. I'll pay via paypal and accept shipping worldwide. Thanks for your attention.
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    • By TakMan
      Sorry for the delay in posting, was just too knackered yesterday to do processing justice...
      Was out making the most of another clear night and grabbing colour data for M106. By 2am the sky was really clearing up, but Julie had decided that our "one walk a day" should be to hear the dawn chorus - so after less than three hours sleep, we were heading back outside just after 5am to be treated to a beautiful sight of moon and oncoming sunrise...

      Bird recording >Bird song.mp3

      We continued our walk along the footpath, beside the 'hedgerows' to get a better vantage point for sunrise...

      Whilst awaiting sunrise I had time to check GONG to see what was happening... more specifically the 'hedgerow prom' from the previous day...

      A Blue Tit announcing 'sunrise!'.... Blue Tit.mp3

      My intention had been to head home for porridge and bed, but decided that I really did need to have another go at some solar imaging beforehand... J was not overly amused 'burning the candle at both ends', etc!

      On the walk back home, the frost descended...

      All photos just with an old iPhone6

      back home, set the gear up and whilst the Quark was warming, so was the porridge!

      Although I'm fairly new to solar imaging, I can see why solar imagers get up nice and early to grab the best seeing. I could see the difference coming into OACapture from my old DMK41 camera just how 'relatively still' the recording was (a QuickTime screen recording below).

      Untitled.MOV   Refreshed today, here is my first go at processing.
      Captured at 7.59am 45 seconds @ 15FPS (max) best 100 frames taken from 676. TSA102s / Quark Chromo / 0.5x Reducer
      Processed with a 'bag' flat and dark frame in AS!2 and ImPPG via Wine on a MacBook Pro. Finished in PsCC2017


      Updated Gong image from time of recording. Definitely want to get better and perhaps source a better camera - I have a thread in Equipment if any Solar folks would care to offer advice...

      New Recording 5.m4a New Recording 7.m4a Blue Tit.mp3
    • By TakMan
      Just a very quick process from today’s play. Will update this thread at some stage - been burning the candle at both ends... Was out imaging last night ‘til 2, then the wife decided that it would be a good idea to go out at 5.15 this morning to take in the dawn chorus! After an extra 2hrs back in bed, decided to get out in the sun and enjoy some solar imaging today. Now, as I type this, I’m outside imaging again!
      So sorting the best files and processing will have to wait until tomorrow! I also took the opportunity to take test shots through the dial settings of my Quark to see if I can work out where best to position it to.
      Here’s a quick one, not as good as I’d hoped, but there’s always a chance another will be better!
      The best 60 of 679

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