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Breakthrough Starshot Stephen Hawking & Yuri Milner

Aussie Dave

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A live telecast was on TV tonight on ABC News 24 and can be viewed now on Live Stream http://livestream.com/accounts/18650072/events/5143435

A project has been announced by cosmologist Professor Stephen Hawking for the ongoing research and perhaps travel beyond our solar system with the help from Russian billionaire Yuri Milner.

From what was televised they said they will be sending a computer the size of a computer chip, a micro spacecraft 100, 000, 000 miles per second propelled by laser light to our nearest neighboring galaxy cutting travel time from 30, 000 years to around 30 years.

This theory has been around for many years and could soon be a reality in our lifetime, maybe not for interstellar travel but more for imaging and further research in to our closest galaxy, planets, sun's, intelligent life and what ever else may be out there.

My live feed cuts out about 4 minutes in to the feed and I'm awaiting for further TV broadcasts. Very interesting.

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But how will it slow down? I assume that it will just be a fly by as it would surely be going way too fast to enter an orbit. And will a signal from such a small probe be strong enough to be picked up from Earth? It's really cool that this is being seriously looked at and I'm sure Stephen Hawkings knows what he's talking about, but are we  really capable of doing all this yet? God I hope so!

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