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Orion SSAG and Windows 10 problems


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I’m looking for any and all help. Thanks in advance! and I apologize if this has been discussed a million times already, I have tried any and all solutions I could find scouring the internet as well as some suggestions from friends that are actually using the same AG on Windows 10.

I bought an Orion SSAG and got it yesterday, the pains have started. I tried installing it on my computer I use for astro stuff. It’s a Lenovo T410 and is running Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) and USB 2.0 I tried the 5.1 drivers and both PHD1 and PHD2. The device shows up and you can see it in Device Manager when plugged in, but when you launch PHD and click connect to camera, it makes the Windows sound that you’ve unplugged a device and PHD reports the camera is connected, but there is nothing visually on the screen that shows it’s getting data from the AutoGuider.


I also tried another Dell laptop (USB 3.0) running Windows 10 with the Windows 10 driver, I also tried a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 with the 10 driver and an HP ProBook (USB 3.0) with Windows 10 drivers, all nothing. I have also completely removed those and tried the SSAG v4 WIN8 drivers with no success as well, pretty much the same issue.

I though this had to be a 10 issue so I tried it on a HP ProBook running Windows 7 with the Windows 7 drivers (v2) on usb 2.0 and still, the same thing


Almost two days and it has led to the most frustration and disappointment. It almost appears to be a total failure on the driver side or potentially a bad unit? Not sure if I should just return it for a replacement unit or if I should just cut my ties and look for a different autoguider.


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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The SSAG  hasn't worked since the introduction of Win10, mainly because Orion couldn't be bothered to update the driver.

They are supposed to have done this now so should have a new driver available on their site.

Frankly I couldn't be bothered and bought another Loadstar.


You can log on to Orion and "Live Chat" for advice

This from the Orion site recently, underlined in red at the bottom



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I think the driver has only been available for a couple of weeks.

I guess Win10 caught Orion by surprise lol.

Does sound like yours could be faulty as mine works on Win XP Pro, Win7 and Win 8.1.

Did you try live chat with Orion ?


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Thanks for the help! Looks like everything was working and I had it from the get go, after I connected to it I had to click the "Begin looping exposures for frame and focus" button for anything to show up...

I simply thought connecting to the SSAG would display whatever was in the sensor on the screen, I was wrong.

I feel like at this point it was completely user error...

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