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Not sure what it is that you are looking at, but this doesn't sound like anything astronomical.  I seem to recall from a previous post that you observe through a window.  I would suggest that you are looking at reflections in the glass.  Observing through a closed window is a bad idea.

I've just spotted that you posted this observing question previously and received answers. 


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I would agree with what Michael is telling you, double glazing is very bad to look through.

If you really want to see the night sky, you have to be outside, and allow your equipment to cooldown first.

Also try writing not in capitals all the time, people will take more notice then :)

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Welcome to SGL. Don't worry about Vega. I agree with the responses to the other thread you started about this - don't look through a window. Take your scope outside and make sure that what you are seeing is really in the sky, and is not just reflected light in your telescope. And check your caps lock key ;)

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