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dob imaging


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skywatcher 8 inch goto dob

imagining source dmk31 camera

50mm?190mmfl  guidescope

and a converted webcam for guiding  (crappy lenses taken out)

will this work as a very basic set up to get images of the planets ???

I'm never going to have the money for big eq mounts etc just want to show g/f and daughter images


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The best solution would be a equatorial platform basically a barn door tracker like this .... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barn_door_tracker , if you have good technical skills you could probably build your own ... or buy a commercial version like this...



An alternative  is this...



These are not exactly cheap alternatives to regular equatorial mounts but do provide the solutions if you are a dedicated dob user that also on occasions wants to do some imaging.  :wink:


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