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Solar Prominence Animation in Ha, 3rd April 2016


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A solar prominence animation in Hydrogen Alpha (with the Earth shown approximately to scale). This is my first attempt, as a bit challenging to create as there were a lot of high clouds drifting through.  This has created  some long gaps between frames and a few odd artefacts around the prominences and disk where I had to try to get an even sky background.  Nonetheless you can clearly see the rotation of the solar disk and rapid changes in the prominences over a period of about two hours and forty minutes.

03-04-16 Final.gif

Scope: Lunt LS60THa/B1200CPT, Meade 2x Barlow
Camera: ZWO ASI174MM, FireCapture
Mount: Sky-Watcher NEQ6, EQMod
Processing: AutoStakkert! 2, IMPPG, PixInsight 1.8, Gimp 2.8
Date: 3rd April 2016
Frames: Best 10% of 1,000 Frames, 2 minute intervals (with gaps)

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Very good illustration of the dynamics. When the conditions cooperate, I suggest that for this image scale you go down to 30-second intervals (works fine for me with Lunt 50).

I too was thinking of capturing this prom with disc details visible, but it looked so nicely thick and juicy... so I bumped the exposure up to have just the prom in full dynamic range.

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