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Walking on the Moon

Don't you just hate it when a plan doesn't come together


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I've had a mental week and had a nice little weekend project planned.

I removed the primary from my SW 130 as I'd had a little rain related slow reaction based disaster the other week and despite everything drying out nicely I was left with a great big smudgy ring!

So I've cleaned it nicely, and centre spotted it and I planned this weekend  to flock the tube and seeing as that means taking out the spider it's inevitable I'd be collimating it after as well. I've ordered a laser collimator to play with, but have also made a DIY collimation cap in case that's a load of old rubbish. I also ordered the flocking material and was expecting it in the last few days.

I had some little red cards of delight from my friend the postie, so off to the sorting office I went, joy and happiness with a dead badger on top, no flocking material for me, it was all stuff for the wife!!

Post arrived just after I got back and nothing.

What am I going to do this weekend now? Ideas on a postcard please.

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Someone or something really is taking the proverbial out of me!!!!! The material arrived midweek and I did it one evening. Next night was lovely and clear here in Plymouth but I couldn't have used the darn thing if you'd forced me because I've just been diagnosed with labyrinthitis most likely caused by some nasty little astronomy hating virus. It ruins your vestibular system and crawling around in the dark getting muddy ears using an RDF sent me wonkier than a wonky thing. I even got The Present Mrs Foster to find the target for me while I sat down but even looking through the eyepiece for more than a few seconds sent me spinning. 

I've been given some pills but they've not made much difference which the doc said was a possibility so I hope it clears up soon!!! 

Oh well I've lots of reading to do anyway, this hobby is as much about learning as it is doing. 

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