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Starsense hand control


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I've had a few issues with a mount and the PhD software developers have asked me to check all the cables etc etc . I've purchased a second cable of each and luckily have the Starsense so already have a second hand control . 

Everything works fine although on closer inspection the Starsense hand control cable appears to be faulty ?? The picture is of the Starsense hand control and the cge hand control connectors . The black protective cable on the Starsense is 10mm short and doesn't take any of the pressure off the small wires. There is a small crimp inside the connectors which takes the strain but this is not connected on the Starsense . It does work fine but I'm concerned over time this will become loose ? 

I wonder if the 2 year guarantee would cover this ? 

I appreciate the picture isn't great but have a look at your next star hand controls for a better idea of what I mean by crimp. 


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Hi Ken,

It's not that its faulty, it's just not well crimped in that there is no crimp strain relief on the black shroud, but as you say, as long as all the connectors are crimped correctly (can't see from the Photo) then all should be ok.


If it was me, I'd re-make the one end, but then I have the correct crimpers to do the job...


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Honestly I doubt it, as they are probably 'bought in' item from a 3rd party supplier, so all they would do, if you were to send it back, would be to give you another one, which may or may not be the same...

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