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Walking on the Moon

April 9th - H Alpha and White Light


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Out this morning from 7.32 to 9.10am.  The seeing was rather poor but I wanted to see AR2529 before it clouded over.  There was very little prominence activity when I observed.  All pics single frames.  The HA with Lunt 60mm DS, Olympus E-M5, 1/60 sec at 500 asa. The whole disk WL pic with my Equinox 80ED, Lunt H Wedge, 1/1600 at 200 asa.   For the close up of AR2529 I also used a x3 barlow.

I really shouldn't mention this, but it's my 8th day in a row.  There I've said it anyway, bound to be cloudy tomorrow now!





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Many thanks for your kind comments.  Yes, eight is rather greedy David I agree.  It's pouring with rain now, but it's forecast quite a bit of sun for tomorrow too.  :hello2: 

I've always been an early riser, and it's surprising how often it can be very good first thing for up to an hour, and then rotten for the rest of the day!

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