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Selling my as new QHY5L-iic colour camera, bought last summer for £159 to use with my 127SLT and literally used two nights since, about 20 minutes worth of video. After having 2nd child I've just not had time to use my astro gear so it will all be for sale over next few weeks. Item is in its original box and all accessories and obviously in pretty much new condition. 

Asking for £99 plus delivery but open to offers. Collection from Belper, Derbyshire welcome.

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On 6 April 2016 at 22:03, NigeB said:

Hi Jim,


Have replied to your ad on Astro Buy Sell - I'll take it if it's still available.





I put in a request for this camera but haven't heard back from the seller, so have sourced a camera elsewhere. It's still listed on Astro Buy Sell as well as here, so it might still be available if someone else wants to try.

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Yes I will have it please my email is <EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED>

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Please exchange email addresses privately via private message, it's not a good idea to leave your email address publicly visible
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      Hello there StarGazers or shall I say CloudGazers! Hahahaha!
      I'm sorting out an auto guiding rig for when the clouds vanish eventually. I'm using the Raspberry PI Model 2 with Lin_guider. I'm after either the following CCD's:
      QHY5L-II Mono or ZWO ASL120MM Mono
      Let me know if you have any spare or have recently upgraded.
      I was going to go with an Altair Astro mono GPCAM but currently there is no support from lin_guider or Linux drivers as of yet.
      Thanks all! 
    • By Jannis
      The veil Nebula, one of my favorites! I've previously captures this one, but felt i had a lot to improve.
      This is another attempt on capturing it and consist of a good mix of data captured over several nights. Finally i feel like i'm starting to get somewhere with this target!
      It's all captured with the QHY5L-II-M camera, unguided with a 50mm F/1.8 and a 135mm F/3.5 lens. Both are old manual Olympus OM lenses.
      10x 10 min OIII - 50mm F/1.8 (edit: F/2.8, not 1.8)
      15x 10 min Ha - 50mm F/1.8 (edit: F/2.8, not 1.8)
      4-part mosaic, total 254x 2 min Ha - 135mm F/3.5
      Total exposure is 12 hours 38 minutes. Mainly it's Ha exposure though, and i'm looking forward to capturing more OIII as well at a longer focal length - but for now i'm really happy with the result!

    • By Jannis
      While i was indeed satisfied with my HaRGB picture of M27, i couldn't resist giving a bicolor a go as i only needed some OIII data.
      Taken with the QHY5L-II-M and the Explorer 200. Camera cooled, i can't remember exact temp, but i believe around -10c.
      7nm Ha:  47x 60 sec, gain = 1000 in firecapture
      8.5nm OIII: 60x 60 sec, gain = 1000 in firecapture

    • By Jannis
      It was only nautical dark in the nights here in Norway when i took these, but gave narrowband a try with my QHY5L-II-M anyway, and the results are not bad at all for such a camera i think.
      It's noisy, but i guess with this little data and a planetary/guide-cam i guess that's to be expected. With more time i think it will give decent results.
      Taken with the QHY5L-II-M cooled to around -5c and and Olympus OM 50mm F/1.8 lens at F/2.8
      OIII 8.5nm: 10x 600s with gain at 20.
      Ha 7nm: 15x 600s with gain at 12 (i think).
      No darks, flats or bias.

    • By Jannis
      Back in 2013 i captured a nice image of this nebula that i was very pleased with. However, it strongly lacked red as my unmodded 550D filtered it all out. 
      So here the other day, trough some fog, i managed to capture some Ha data with the help of the QHY5L-II-M and a Baader 7nm Ha filter with the explorer 200. 
      Exposures were limited to only 60 sec as i was capturing unguided, and even then i had to throw away half my subs (i really need to have my mount chacked and serviced...). 
      Captured using Firecapture, with gain set at 1000, and peltier cooled the camera to about -20c. 
      RGB data from 2013: 1 hour 45 min @ ISO800.
      Ha data from this week: 47x 60 sec. Gain 1000.
      I think the Ha data helped a lot to bring out more red color and details. What do you guys think?
      Original RGB from 2013:

      Ha data from the QHY5L-II-M:

      New HaRGB:

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