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Hello from majer


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Hello everyone!

I''m new in England (I'm from Poland), but I'm interested in astronomy for a quite long time already (especially, what is happen in the sky, but not only) . I'm not a type of talker, so my activity won't be very intensive, but I'm here to practise English as well, so every correction is welcome.

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Welcome the the SGL Community Majer. We are quite an International Group, with members from many Nations.
You will certainly gain some knowledge here, especially if you pose specific questions you seek answers to. We do have
Some incredibly Knowledgeable members, so you are in good company.
We don't regard spelling errors as important here, but if you wish to have any corrections, you can indicate 
the request in any posts you submit posts.
The main thing is you enjoy it here, and hopefully as well as upgrading your Astronomical knowledge, you make some good friends too.
That is an Important function here as well.
Best Wishes.

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Thanks for warm welcome :)

Recently I read this, and it's a bit about me ;)   So, my first question is: is here posiibility to edit old posts?

I know, that my nick is read in a different way in English and in Polish language, so maybe I should put here that it should be pronounce with "a" like Adam, and "y" in the middle rather, than with "j" like in "Jack" for example. And this is my old nickname from primary school.

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