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Help needed with Xbox cam and finder


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as title says I need some help with my xbox cam and finder scope. can not seem to get any focus on webcam at all.

am using an adapter and have even tried making one that brings the webcam module into the end of the finder scope.  Finder scope is a 9x50 straight thru Skywatcher which focuses fine on its own.

have also tried the cam in the main Scope focuser in place of EP, again using the correct phillips type adapter but again can not get it to focus.  have also tried a 2x and a 3x barlow with no luck.

any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?



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At which end of the focus tube does it appear to get closer to focus ?  if it's the outer end (away from lens) then you will need to add an extension tube, but if it's the inner end then the focuser will need to be shortened.

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doesn't get close enough to focus to say. i.e  when pointed at a street light 1/2 mile away all you see is an orange glow covering the full fov.  Is impossible to see any change in the glow at either max or min adjustment of the primary lens.

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You should be able to gain focus on the 9x50mm finderscope if you remove the front lens, take off the focus ring, then screw the front lens back on. I received an adapter for my 
xbox livecam last week and can confirm I had focussed stars in PHD2. No idea about the main scope as I havent used the livecam on it.




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