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Sun H-Alpha 31.03.16 (Mosaic work in progress)


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Hmmm... This is mosaic business is tricky! :p But have data for 2x2.
Must do something now (real life?)! But as a bit of (preliminary) fun:


Amazing how IMPPG tone adjustments makes prominences suddenly "light up".
(Thanks MW). Sorry about "news print" pixellation. Probably better to blend in
the "proper" prominence image as usual., but... :cool:


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Thanks folks! (Like others?) used Microsoft ICE to stitch the quadrants. 
Really *impressed* how it automated the procedure! To be a bit picky, 
the large overlap areas look a bit blurred? I might try cropping these
overlap regions, just to see what happens! Hey, you never know? ;)

From now on, it's mostly about devising a recipe for all this? <grin>
Though I did note a remark here that each situation can be "slightly"
different. I've had starting images that may LOOK the same, but... :p 

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