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Walking on the Moon

My latest acquisitions


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Two of these came up whilst I was on holiday (10 & 14) and what with the warm weather, few beers etc the finger just hit BUY all by itself, the 4mm was bought just before i went away. The problem was the 5mm which I already had was lonely on it's own but now there is a all gang of playmates :headbang: :icon_biggrin: 


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Well done, you must congratulate you're wayward finger for enabling / allowing you to enjoy such pleasures. I currently have the 8 & 6mm. Not really had a chance to use them properly. I do find eye placement a bit tricky at times

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Lovely collection! They are very comfortable. I had the 10 and the 8mm which replaced my Vixen LV 9 and 7mm. I later got a 14mm for solar H-alpha (now replaced by the 7.5-22.5 WO zoom). All very comfortable, light and compact, and very sharp indeed. I spent many an hour observing the planets with them. The only reason I got rid of the 8mm was that the Pentax XF 8.5 was just a gnat's whisker better. And then I could get a pair of XWs (10 and 7) for a song, so the Radian 10 went. Radian's are somewhat underrated, I feel.

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44 minutes ago, Grotemobile said:

That Pentax XF 8.5 is a very good EP.

Works very well on my C8. One of my

better buys.:thumbsup:


Sold that one as well (yes, I know, I should keep my kit for longer). I now use a Delos 8mm with parfocaliser ring between the XW7 and XW10. I sometimes do regret selling the XF, but it wasn't seeing the use it deserved. The same almost happened to the Delos 8mm, because changing focus was a faff, but since the Delos 8mm has got its parfocaliser ring I use it a lot more.

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