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Solar Filter

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Hi Pete,

No reason that astrozap and the 127 wont be a good combo.  The 18mm excel and the 40mm plossl will give you some good whole disk views..

I have a natural density filter to cut glare down a bit more but really you are ready to go with the astro zap.

make sure it's fitted nice and tight, remove the finderscope too just incase..

Happy viewing



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As long as you buy the correct filter for observing (not imaging) that covers your objective safely then you can do white light observation.  So you will see sunspots and a bit of surface texture but not much else.  Make sure your finder is also protected or removed.  You can get specific solar finders such as the one produced by Altair but to be honest just use the smallest shadow method.

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11 hours ago, michael.h.f.wilkinson said:

As has been said, your scope should be fine for white light with that filter. Should be great for the upcoming transit of Mercury. You might want to add a Baader Solar Continuum filter to enhance detail in the granulation.

Regarding this continuum filter, will this work in conjunction with the solar filter I was thinking of buying?

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The only caveat on the Baader Solar-Continuum Filter is that it turns the Sun a deep green colour. But it will enhance the seeing of granulation on the solar-disk. One gentleman who makes a marvelous Sun-finder told me he often uses just a simple green-filter - with a solar-filter like the Baader film ones - and it works well for him.

His "Helio-Pods" can be viewed here:


Always be CAREFUL with our Sun -


ST80 Helio-Pod Series d.JPG


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