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Can you have too much Colour data?


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I was wondering if you can capture too much colour data which wrecks the overall colour balance of your image. Should you limit the colour data & go after the L data in far greater quantities?

What I'm finding is that if I have lots of colour data in the same proportion of L I get lovely colours but not necessarily a corresponding increase in detail. So would you go for enough colour data to give good colour but then go solely for L or am I being a bit silly?

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I don't believe you are ever very likely to have too much colour. You can, however, over-expose or over-stretch the colour - particularly for the stars. When this happens you burn them to white. Normally I don't shoot more than a third per channel of the total luminance but once, going after colour in the IFN, I did shoot a vast amount of RGB and it wasn't a problem. (The IFN seemed to be brown but given the amount of stretching I can't say I'm totally confident in the result.)


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