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The actual views are not.

Yes you will see the flares and proms and be able to make out surface detail, but the images shown in the advertising blurb are as usual the result of multiple images being stacked and Photoshopped.

I have the Coronado and it is a good visual scope, and I mean visual. It was not really designed to do imaging though with care and patience you can. The focus adjuster is not the most friendly.

As with most Ha solar scopes when you tune the etalon it is tuned to see the flares etc on the limb, and you lose detail in the centre, therefore you adjust the etalon to see the details at the centre. This is because of the Doppler affect as the Sun rotates and alters the Ha frequency. That at the edge is a different apparent speed to the centre portion.

I now have both the PST and a Lunt 50mm with a pressure tuner.

The Lunt is probably better for imaging it also has the greater aperture. Both are good but both are not perfect.


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