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March 29th H Alpha - Tethered Prominence


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I arrived home from town (where it had snowed heavily for a few minutes) at 10.30am just as a patch of blue approached the Sun - another mad rush to get the kit outside.  Made it before it clouded over completely and had a session from 10.36 to 10.44 am and rattled off a few frames.  The seeing and transparency wasn't great but beggars can't be choosers.  Nice to see the progress of the largest filament but I was also in for a surprise.  I took one of the first frames on 1/2 second exposure by mistake, and on the E limb was a nice prominence which would have been detached had it not been 'tethered' at two points to the limb - it looked a bit like a tethered barrage balloon, all be it a strange shaped one.   I could not see the feature at all through the viewfinder unless I set the camera to over-expose the disk quite substantially.  I looked at GONG on my phone and the 9.46 (UT) image from Uadipur, India, only showed a few elements of it, and only then very faintly. 

The first image, showing surface detail, was taken at 10.39am, Lunt 60mm DS, Olympus E-M5, 1/60 sec at 500 asa.  The whole disk photo to show the position of the tethered prom was taken at the same time, 1/2 sec at 500 asa.  The close-up of the prom is a crop of the same image.





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Many thanks Alexandra, very lucky though, if I hadn't over-exposed it in the first place I would never have known it was there!  :smiley:  I'm hoping someone has managed to capture a high res version and that they will post it on the forum. 

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